Should I Wear A Plus Size Thong?

Plus Size Lingerie

Do you want to wear a thong? If so, why? Is it because you think it looks good? Do you want to get attention? Do your friends wear thongs? Does your significant other want you to wear one? Or do you want to wear a thing simply because it makes you feel good.

Any of the above reasons are good enough, but the last one is certainly the best. Fact is, wearing a thong, even a plus size thong, makes you feel sexy... and when you feel sexy, you feel better about yourself. It boosts your confidence. It feels good. Not only that, but it practically eliminates underwear lines.

Who would have thought that a tiny piece of material like a thing would do so much?

Do you think that thongs are uncomfortable? Well, as long as you buy the right size -- meaning not too small -- things are quite comfortable. Why bother wearing anything at all, you might ask? Well, do you really want to go without any underwear at all? Most people do not.

Remember, wearing a plus size thong is hot, sexy, and it boosts your confidence. Go for it!